September 24, 2021



  • Walk at your desk
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hook up with tracker apps



Now there’s no excuse for getting no exercise if you work at a desk all day. Simply buy a desk treadmill like the LifeSpan TR5000 DT-7 which allows you to walk while you work! How often have you worked all day and complained you’ve hardly moved? Make it a thing of the past and burn off plenty of calories while working on your laptop.

This is a normal walking deck but with a desk platform with adjustable height, allowing you to read or work on a keyboard while getting in your exercise. The treadmill is quiet enough not to disturb anyone else if you’re doing this in the office, helped by a whisper-quiet motor and cushioning shock absorbers in the deck.

The controls are tucked away neatly on a small console that allows you to turn on and off, adjust speed and incline and record your distance and the number of steps taken. You can export the data at the end of the day to your fitness app, or to the included LifeSpan Club in order to track your exercise and, hopefully, see improvements over time.

The desk has a cushioned edge and comes with a standard 38-inch wide work area, but you can opt for the larger 48-inch version if you prefer. The treadmill is built for high mileage and has a maintenance-free Habasit belt, one-inch heavy duty deck and aluminum side rails. It’s designed to be maintenance free, so you can put all your effort into using it rather than looking after it.