September 24, 2021



  • Orthopedic belt
  • Stellar build quality
  • Powerful motor



TRUE Fitness is one of the best and most reliable names in fitness equipment, and the TRUE PS800 treadmill is toward the top end of its range. So, while you’ll be reassured by its bullet-proof build quality and innovative features, you’ll need to have saved up to pay for it.

This machine has a powerful 4 HP motor, a rigorous unit that will deal effortlessly with even the wildest workout sessions. It comes with a 3-year guarantee, which while not the best in the industry, should be plenty enough reassurance for most people.

The TRUE PS800 is ideal for walkers, joggers and serious runners. And it’s with the latter group in mind that the spacious landing deck comes into its own. The treadmill has a three-step cushioning process, providing softer impact on landing through to a firmer suspension at the rear where your foot takes off again. This is also customizable. That’s not all, the TRUE range also features the Orthopedic Belt System, which further protects your knees and joints from repetitive impact injury.

That means you’ll be able to train longer, something you’ll be itching to do on the TRUE PS800. The new-look console is packed with features, with options for integrated HDTV, Bluetooth connectivity to your phone for music, wireless heart monitor and a whole myriad of training workouts.

This really is one of the ultimate treadmills to own, with the only drawbacks being its price and the fact that it’s so heavy (well, it is built solidly).