September 24, 2021



  • Quiet operation
  • True Soft System



This is one of the more compact treadmills, but it certainly does not lack in features or quality. In fact, it packs quite a punch just as its price tag suggests, while some see the smaller size – it’s running deck is up to six inches shorter than others – simply makes it easier to tuck away in the corner of the room. It would have helped further if the deck was foldable, but that’s not the case.

As with other treadmills in the TRUE range, the Z5.0 comes with the True Soft System, which cushions the deck at the moment your foot lands at the front of the deck. As your foot moves to the middle the deck returns to normal and then stiffens up at the rear as you lift off. On top of that, Othopedic Belt works with the deck so that together they ensure you minimize the risk of wear and tear on your joints and knees.

Being able to go the extra distance is great, so long as you can stay motivated. Thankfully the TRUE Z5.0 has a feature-packed console to keep you entertained during those long and repetitive workouts. There are six programs and two customer customizable workouts to keep you going, all in a well-displayed console that shows all the key metrics like speed, incline, time and calories clearly.

As for speed, the 3 HP motor will drive you along at up to 12 mph, and at a maximum incline of 15%.